Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is an integral part of any end-to-end supply chain solution. Due to the complexity of customs regulations, duties, related fees, and taxes, you need a partner at your side who can keep track of everything

We are specialists in all types of customs entry allowing us to give you expert advice relating to customs’ regulations, duty and vat.


Customs clearance is a process compulsory for all goods entering or leaving the UK. Customs clearance allows HM Customs & Excise to account for any due charges, ensure correct documentation has been used and conformity to EU law. It also allows Customs to monitor which goods are coming into or leaving the UK.

Customs agents are there to facilitate a professional service between HM Customs & Excise and importers/exporters. Our agents have a significant understanding the Customs rules and regulations applicable.

How can we help

Our customs experts will handle all import and export customs declarations for your goods in due time, and work with local customs authorities according to local constraints and agreed conditions. We will also accurately carry out the movements of your goods to facilitate your international flows in a customs territory.