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UK Pallet Express

Doccombe Global Logistics is a member and shareholder of Palletline. 


Palletline is the UK's first and premier palletised freight distribution company.


Launched in 1992, Palletline revolutionised the way pallets are transported. The innovative Palletline system dramatically increases speed & efficiency, while drastically reducing the cost of delivering pallets throughout the UK & Europe.

How It Works

We operate as a hub and spoke palletised distribution system. Think of it like a bicycle wheel. The Palletline Hub is the centre of the wheel with each of our members being a spoke on the wheel. They all join up and work in harmony.

We operate six hubs, our central facility near the NEC in Birmingham and five regional hubs in Manchester, North London, Leicester, Rugby and Cumbernauld in Glasgow. Each regional hub handles consignments for delivery in their area, ensuring we reduce miles travelled and our environmental objectives.


Services Offered

  • Next Day Deliveries

  • 48/72 Economy Deliveries

  • Timed Deliveries

  • Tail lift Deliveries

  • Reverse and Third Party Collections

  • Delivery to National RDC's including Amazon

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