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Warehousing, Storage and 3PL services offered by Doccombe have become an integral part of our client’s requirements.

Our clients continue to demand increased savings and efficiencies across their business.  Supply chains have become shorter with ‘Value Added’ services becoming standard practice.


Identifying that clients wanted somewhere they could store their products within the distribution chain. Over time we have developed the division to provide our customers with excellence, peace of mind and efficiency across all areas of their goods distribution. We have the facilities, infrastructure and IT capability to give you full visibility of your products, as well as this we have the capacity to expand as and when your requirements dictate.

The clarity and accuracy of our systems allows our customers to keep their stock velocities as high as possible, reducing storage volumes and keeping your costs low.


Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is often used in the retail distribution of goods as part of a total supply chain management process and is ideal for businesses that do not have the space or ability to fulfill their own logistical requirements.

We operate a fully integrated pick and pack system, ideal for those businesses that require flexibility in their distribution services. By storing your products with us we have the resources to facilitate the picking and then packing of stock ready to be transported to your customers.


Fulfillment Services

We are able to offer additional services to complement our warehousing package.

From simple pallet reworking through to fully integrated distribution solutions, Doccombe has the tools and the know-how, to ensure that your organisation has the control and flexibility to compete in the market place effectively and efficiently.

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