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Customs Pricing

£20 / €25 Min charge for Admin on all bookings where you are providing your own customs

All quoted prices are inclusive of up to 4 Commodity Code Entries, additional codes are charged at £3.50 / €4.00 each

Transport costs will always be quoted separately to the customs charge.

Use of Doccombe UK Deferment account is chargeable at 3%.  Minimum charge is £25/€30.

Your order should clearly indicate the cost of transport and the cost of customs separately.

Documentation Requirements


All shipments must be accompanied with a Commercial Invoice which must contain all the information shown below.


  • EORI number of the exporter & importer

  • Commodity Code(s)

    • Full 10 Digits code required and Basic description
  • Reasons for Export/Import including any previous customs procedures that have been applied. -

    • This will allow us to correctly apply the relevant Customs Procedure Code to your shipment. The most common reason is for Permanent export/import for free circulation, however for example you may be exporting/importing temporarily (eg to facilitate a repair, repacking, manufacturing). If you're not sure, please call us to discuss.
  • Country of Origin

    • This is the economic 'nationality' of the goods, not necessarily where they are being sent from
  • Applicable Licences/Authorisations

    • Footnotes within the Trade Tariff when you search for the commodity code will indicate if a licence is required, it is determined on the nature of the goods.
  • Value of the Goods

    • Including Currency
  • The applicable Delivery Terms

    • Terms of shipment
  • Full Consignor / Consignee Details

    • Including full contact name, telephone number, and opening times
  • Basic description of the goods.

    • In addition to any technical description or product code.
  • Full quantities and net/gross weights

    • On a separate packing list if applicable / Needs to be for each COMMODITY CODE

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